There are two seasons in Minnesota-- winter and road construction-- right? Well, one is finally close to ending, and a big detour is finally over here as well in southeast Minnesota.


Yes, MnDOT announced Tuesday that the Highway-42 bridge over Gorman Greek near Kellogg is finally open again, meaning that you no longer have to drive roughly 10-miles out of your way to get to Plainview or Wabasha! (That's if you're heading there from Rochester, of course.)

The bridge had closed earlier this summer, back in July, as MnDOT set out to remove the old bridge and build the new version. Which meant if you were headed to Wabasha, Kellogg or Pepin, WI, you had to take a detour that took you waaaay south on a few other county roads until you finally hit Highway-61 again.

But now, the bridge is back open, although MnDOT said yesterday there are few extra details that crews will still be working on in the next few days. Which is good news! I used to drive that route back up to Eau Claire several times a week five years ago, when my wife and I first moved to Rochester, so I know what pain that detour must have been.

Thankfully, it's done now... finally. You can read more about project HERE.

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