Brett Eldredge songs are dependable — fans can rely on the fact that if it has his name on it, it’s going to be a quality tune, as you'll see in the list of best Brett Eldredge songs.

Though his style has evolved a bit since his early days, Eldredge has avoided delving too deeply into the ever-changing trends of the biz, consistently put out catchy, thoughtful pop-influenced country songs. Eldredge’s vocals and songwriting skills make him a clear standout when it comes to artistry; no one can deny his talent.

But it’s his sincerity, lightheartedness and good-natured smile that make him memorable and endear him to so many. The blue-eyed charmer has a host of well-written songs in his catalog, but we’ve narrowed it down to what we think are the 10 best Brett Eldredge songs below.

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    "Drunk on Your Love"

    From 'Illinois' (2015)

    The chorus of “Drunk on Your Love” sinks into your heart like one sinks into a well-worn couch after a long, hard day — collapsing into the cushions with the feeling of finally being home, and all is right with the world. This catchy yet familiar-sounding tune creates a similar feeling. Its breezy vibe and hooky melody could lift anyone’s spirits, and Eldredge’s lighthearted and sincere delivery just sells it all the more. “Drunk on Your Love” is just a feel-good pop-country song, which earned it a No. 2 slot on both the Billboard Country Airplay and Hot Country Songs charts in 2016, as well as a slot on our best Brett Eldredge songs list.

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    "Mean to Me"

    From 'Bring You Back' (2013)

    “Mean to Me” is a simply sweet country love song from the first line to the last, its gentle melodies rolling over the top of acoustic guitar picking and soft percussion to create a lovely serenade. The tune begins listing out superlatives wrapped in metaphors describing the kind of person Eldredge would like to be for the one he loves, but then turns the lyrics around, saying if he were all those things, he’d be exactly what she means to him. Written by Eldredge and Scooter Carusoe, “Mean to Me” was the fourth single from his debut album Bring You Back and reached No. 1 on the Billboard Country Airplay charts.

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    "Lose My Mind"

    From 'Illinois' (2015)

    This moody single from Eldredge’s album Illinois begins with a soulful edge, telling the story of a girl who makes a guy have trouble maintaining logic simply by her presence…not that he is complaining. “Lose My Mind” breaks into an upbeat, catchy chorus that almost suggests throwing up his hands and giving in to the fact that he can’t overcome her powers. Borrowing a memorable line from R&B/pop outfit Gnarles Barkley’s “Crazy,” the rest of the tune was written by Eldredge, Ross Copperman and Heather Morgan. It’s a lighthearted love song that served as the lead-off track for Illinois and earned the artist another No. 1 for his roster.

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    "Long Way"

    From 'Brett Eldredge' (2017)

    Fully embracing the pop-inspired synthesizers and drum machines trending in country, “Long Way” manages to maintain a genuine quality in its delivery, keeping the production limited and letting Eldredge’s voice do the storytelling. The ballad creates a scene in which the narrator wants to get to know his love interest better, starting with her roots — where she’s from, how she grew up, what her family is like. The sweet sentiment plays out over the verses and chorus, which asks her to take him the “long way around,” showing him every nook and cranny of the town in which she grew up, and by extension, her true self. The song appears on his 2017 self-titled album, adding to the honest simplicity a self-titled album should embody.

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    "Don't Ya"

    From 'Bring You Back' (2013)

    One of Eldredge’s early career releases, the success of “Don’t Ya” began to carve out a space for the artist in country music alongside long-time vets. The song served as the second single from his debut album Bring You Back (though it was released two years after the first, in 2012) and marked his first-ever No. 1 hit. He co-wrote the tune with Chris DeStefano and Ashley Gorley, and though it is a well-told trope — the pretty girl in the bar catching the eye of an interested man — it brings out Eldredge’s confident, yet lighthearted personality and introduced him to an official career in country music.

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    "Love Someone"

    From 'Brett Eldredge' (2017)

    This upbeat, feel-good tune is an ode to a relationship that finally just feels right. “Love Someone” has all the elements true country fans expect to hear instrumentally — banjo, acoustic guitar, dobro — with overtones of pop that put this song right in the sweet spot for a summer jam. The punchy four-on-the-floor beat and gang vocals give the song a singalong quality anyone can get on board with, continuing to steer clear of "bro-country" and settling in Eldredge’s wheelhouse for a perfect addition to his self-titled album.

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    From 'Glow' (2016)

    Original Christmas songs are always a gamble, but in this case, it paid off. Eldredge actually amplifies his talent by showing off a different side in “Glow,” a big-band-style throwback tune reminiscent of the classic holiday sound of days gone by. In not only the song, but the album of the same name, the artist shows country fans he could easily be mistaken for a Rat Pack crooner if we didn’t know any better, letting his pure vocals shine on this holiday record. The original song came out of an idea initially unrelated to Christmas, but if it inspired a full album of holiday classics, we’re glad he put a festive spin on it.

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    "Wanna Be That Song"

    From 'Illinois' (2015)

    Eldredge has said this tune was his favorite song he’d ever written, and we can see why. The sentimental ballad goes a bit meta, zooming out to not only be a metaphor for love, but directly referencing the song itself. Eldredge has said he hopes the song takes people back to special moments in their lives, and the nostalgic character of the ballad certainly brings that to the table. The song’s well-crafted lyrics and sincere delivery earned it a No. 1 spot on the country airplay charts, marking his sixth career No. 1.

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    "Somethin' I'm Good At"

    From 'Brett Eldredge' (2017)

    Eldredge’s first single off his 2017 self-titled record, “Somethin’ I’m Good At” is just a great time from the first note to the last. It’s got an unexpected air about it — a bit of anarchy in the face of formulaic country songs — but keeps its singer-songwriter and country roots intact. The gang vocals and devil-may-care attitude combined with its self-deprecating lyrics (admitting he can’t even change a flat tire) make “Somethin’ I’m Good At” a reminder not to take life too seriously and to have fun along the way — something Eldredge is clearly skilled in.

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    "Beat of the Music"

    From 'Bring You Back' (2013)

    One of the most memorable of Eldredge’s hits for sure, “Beat of the Music” makes getting this melody out of your head nearly impossible — in a good way. The song tells the story of meeting someone special and intriguing in the romantic setting of a beach in Mexico, true to Eldredge’s beachy style. Its hooky chorus glides along, immediately conjuring up the feeling of riding down the coast in a convertible, sun shining and wind in your hair. Co-written by Eldredge, the song hit No. 1 on the Billboard Country Airplay charts and was the third single from his debut record Bring You Back. If those aren't the qualifications to top any list about the best Brett Eldredge songs, we don't know what are!