A new Budweiser commercial pays homage to the medical professionals and everyday heroes working on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Titled "One Team," the simple, but powerful video opens with a black and white shot surveying an empty sports stadium, accompanied by a few gentle piano notes.

"This Bud's for the blues, the reds and the warriors," a calming voice narrates as pictures of a nurse in blue scrubs, American Red Cross Disaster Relief workers and a group of people making a supply delivery in white hazmat suits scroll across the screen.

"This Bud's for the trailblazers," the voice continues as a photo of doctors working in a lab appears, before citing a picture of a police officer donating blood as "the angels."

But the video ends with a comforting message to all of the people who are quarantining at home: "This Bud's for the home team," the narrator says.

The camera focuses on a dark suburban home, a light appearing in the window as he speaks, followed by a shooting star that flies over the neighborhood as words of unity appear on the screen: "This season, we're all one team."

Other clips in the ad include a teacher reading a book to her students through the computer, a young man playing the saxophone on the balcony of his apartment and a man in a military uniform waving down cars on the street.

Budweiser also used the commercial to reveal that they'll be using available stadiums as blood drive centers for the Red Cross during the pandemic as part of the One Team initiative. Anheuser-Busch, the company that produces Budweiser, has also made a $5 million donation to the American Red Cross.

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