A tremendous honor was bestowed upon a bulldog from Minnesota this week when he was crowned king of the the 2022 Drake Relays Beautiful Bulldog Contest.

According to their website, Drake University is a mid-sized private university in Des Moines, Iowa, and they're recognized as one of the finest universities in the Midwest for experiential learning. They're mascot is the bulldog.

Each spring, the Drake Bulldogs host a four-day track meet called the Drake Relays. The running of the 112th Drake Relays is going on now through Saturday, April 30.

As a part of the event, the university hosts a Beautiful Bulldog Contest, with the winner being crowed as the official mascot for the Drake Relays.

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On Monday, the 43rd Annual Beautiful Bulldog Contest at Drake University was held. It's quite the competition, showcasing the beauty and unsurpassed agility of these amazing dogs. Okay, I may have exaggerated their agility, but I do think they're really cute.

According to KARE 11-TV, the winner was a handsome boy named Bam Bam. Bam Bam is a 5-year-old from Champlin, Minnesota whose owner Maggie Estby is a zookeeper at the Minnesota Zoo.

Organizers say Bam Bam won by dominating the costume contest, where he was dressed as Russell the boy scout from the movie "Up." His owner Maggie was dressed up as Russell's elder mentor Carl Fredricksen.

From a report on KARE 11-TV
From a report on KARE 11-TV

Drake University shared the good news, as well as more fantastic photos from the event, this week on their Facebook page. I think you'll get a kick at looking through images that were captured.

Being that I'm in a family with a special love for bulldogs, I can appreciate such a contest and I was very happy to see that even though the contest was held in Iowa, it was a bulldog from Minnesota who was crowned king.

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