The same concerns that caused Americans to stop eating Romaine lettuce just prior to Thanksgiving is rearing it's head again - just in time for Christmas.  This time around cauliflower is in the target.

Adams Bros. Farming - the supplier associated with the Thanksgiving Romaine recall has added cauliflower to their voluntary recall; According to news reports, the farm determined that their cauliflower crop may have come into contact with water from the same reservoir that the earlier E. coli-strained that was linked to Romaine was located.

At this point none of the cauliflower being recalled has tested positive for E. coli, but the farm supplier is excising caution to prevent any illness.

In addition to the cauliflower, Adams Bros. Farming is also voluntarily recalling some of their other lettuce varieties - including red leaf lettuce and green leaf lettuce.

Since the Thanksgiving Romaine scare - where the FDA essentially told everyone across the country to stop eating the product - the lettuce has started showing up back on grocery store shelves.  The FDA still cautions consumers from eating Romaine lettuce from Monterey, San Benito and Santa Barbara counties in California.

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