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The Minnesota Viking's net worth continued to increase even during the pandemic, and we now know just how much the NFL franchise is worth this year.

The real estate market continues to be on fire here in Minnesota, with property values increasing at an amazing rate. My wife and I were a little surprised to see how much money a new estimate said we could get for our house, compared to what we paid when we bought it almost 10 years ago.

So, I'm guessing that the Zygi Wilf group-- the group of investors that has owned the Minnesota Vikings since 2005-- is similarly pleased with how much more the team is worth here in 2021 compared to the price they paid for the team nearly 17 years ago.

According to the 2021 Sports Money: 2021 NFL Valuations survey by Forbes, Minnesota's NFL franchise is now estimated to be worth $3.35 billion dollars!  (Yeah, that's billion, with a B!) And even though the pandemic severely limited attendance at Vikings' games at US Bank Stadium last year, the team still managed to post a 14 percent increase in value compared to 2020 (when it was worth 'only' $2.95 billion.)

That's not bad, considering that this ProFootballNetwork story says Zygi, along with his brother Mark and four other partners, purchased the team for $600 million back in 2005. Wow. So if I'm doing that math correctly, that would mean the team is now worth just under 3 billion dollars more today than when they bought it nearly 17 years ago. That's a pretty good return on your investment, no?

Now as impressive as the Vikings' net worth is, they still ranked 18th on this year's Forbes NFL team net worth survey. The top team is once again the Dallas Cowboys, whose net worth Forbes says is nearly twice that of the Vikings-- and is in the neighborhood of $6.5 billion dollars... a pretty exclusive neighborhood.

Speaking of expensive, I'm guessing only the Wilf's-- or any of the other NFL team owners might be able to afford a night in this summer vacation property here in Minnesota because it rents for an unheard of $13,000...A NIGHT. Keep scrolling to check it out!

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