If you are looking to take the family on a weekend trip before school starts, this might be just the thing to do, and you don't have to travel too far - a few hours to Northern Minnesota.

Lutsen Mountain Resort is about four hours from St. Cloud, so the best thing to do is to make a weekend out of it so you are spending too much time in the vehicle.

When I was a kid we used to go up to Lutsen or there is another Alpine Slide at Wild Mountain in Taylors Falls.  Both are so fun, but the Lutsen slide is a bit longer, so basically it's more for your buck.

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The other great thing about these slides is that it really is for all (or most) ages.  You can go as quickly or as slow as you would like.  The first time down the mountain a person may want to go a bit slower so you don't run into something unexpected, but the next few times get a bit more brave and speed it up a bit.

The Alpine slides are a great way that ski resorts can utilize their ski areas all year round.  Take the gondola up the mountain, then take the slide back down.  Great fun!

Getting there is half the fun with a leisurely chairlift ride to the summit of Lutsen's Eagle Mountain. Then hop on your sled and cruise down an exhilarating half-mile of twisting, turning track back to the base. You control the speed from top to bottom. Take it slow, and soak in the sights, or let it rip in a blur of fun.

If you don't have time to go up there during the summer, they are open weekends in September and October.  Check out all the details on their website.  

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