Don't forget to check the cheese in your fridge when you get home today! There's a big recall of cheese from popular grocery stores in Minnesota and around the country. Many different brands and stores have been affected by this recall made by a cheese producer called Old Europe Cheese, Inc. The types of cheese being recalled are brie and camembert cheeses.

According to the CDC, this voluntary recall is because of possible listeria contamination. So far, 6 people have been affected, and 5 of them had to be hospitalized. No one in Minnesota has reported getting sick, but you should still toss the cheese if you have any of it because these are some big brands that have been affected.

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Some of the names that immediately jumped out to me that are being recalled are Fresh Thyme brand, Good and Gather (the Target brand), and Trader Joe's Brand. Here are more specifics for the products being recalled for those three brands:

Fresh Thyme:
8 oz. Brie - double creme, rounds
8 oz. Brie - triple creme, rounds
8 oz. Brie - wedges, saran wrapped
8 oz. Camembert - traditional rounds

Good and Gather:
8 oz. Good and Gather Double Cream Brie

Trader Joe:
8 oz. Trader Joe Slicing Brie Cheese

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The FDA writes the "products were distributed from August 01, 2022 through September 28, 2022" and "are marked with Best By Dates ranging from September 28, 2022 to December 14, 2022".

Brands Affected by Cheese Recall

Here are all of the brands affected by this recall. If you have brie and/or camembert cheese in any of these brands visit the FDA site for more specifics like the UPC Code.

Black Bear
Block and Barrel
Culinary Tour
Fresh Thyme
Glenview Farms
Good and Gather
Joan of Arc
La Bonne Vie
Life in Provence
Market 32
Matrie 'D
Primo Taglio
Red Apple
Reny Picot
St. Randeaux
Taste of Inspiration
Trader Joe

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