Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Rochester City Council agenda for Monday includes continued discussion of an ethics complaint against 2nd Ward Councilmember Michael Wojcik.

The city’s Ethical Practices Board recently found Wojcik violated the code of ethics by pressuring the CEO of the Greater Rochester Arts and Cultural Trust to give him a copy of a highly anticipated report before it was made public. Wojcik has argued he had a right to view the document before the public release because it was partially funded by the city, but City Attorney Terry Adkins says that was not the case because there was no contract between the arts group and the city.

The issue was briefly addressed during a committee meeting of the Council, and it was decided to reopen the discussions during Monday evening’s meeting. The Council could decide to censure Wojcik, publicly reprimand him, or do nothing.

The City Council will also be discussing two vetoes issued by Mayor Ardell Brede following the Council’s meeting two weeks ago. The mayor voided a decision by the Council to deny a request for a demolition permit to tear down the century old Kutzky house. The council can attempt to override the veto, but if that fails, another vote would have to be held on the demolition permit request.

Mayor Brede also vetoed the Council’s decision to spend $25,000 to purchase and install equipment for video recording and live streaming of the Committee of the Whole meetings. Brede says he felt it was unnecessary expense, while noting audio recordings of the meetings already available to the public to address the need for openness and accountability.


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