The City of Brandon, Minnesota has gone locally viral after a photo was snapped revealing the phrase 'Let's Go' above the city limits sign. Brandon is about an hour and 15 minutes away from St. Cloud.

If you're not familiar with what 'let's go, Brandon' means, it's referring to a viral NASCAR video. A reporter was interviewing a racer when the crowd started chanting "[bleep] Joe Biden".

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The reporter drew attention to the crowd's comments by stating it was nice they were cheering 'let's go Brandon' which is the name of the racer. It was her way of steering away from the FCC's radar.

People online have been using the phrase 'let's go Brandon' to state their political beliefs and disapproval of President Joe Biden.

The viral photo of Brandon, Minnesota's city limit sign was taken by Luke Jackson. Since being published on November 1, it's been reacted to hundreds of times by people online.

Christian McGaffey wrote, "I'm so proud of my home town".

Alyssa Frederick said, "this is the best".

See the original Facebook post below.

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