Whether you love him, or hate him, deep down you knew something like this would pop up sooner than later and cause yet another stir... didn't you?

The only thing is it's coming from a repeat offender such as Walmart. And what's stranger is that they're doing it while promoting - its new line of baby clothes?

Right now they're selling “Impeach 45” and “Impeach Trump” baby and adult apparel for people who "don't quite agree" with the controversial 45th president of the United States. Naturally, his supporters are pushing back by calling for the boycott of the clothing line and the retail giant online using the hashtag “#boycottWalmart.”

Sadly, if you're trying to order one now the company has since taken down the page in which you can order them from, but you can see what they look like at USA Today.

Walmart, who's no stranger to controversial clothing, has also sold/sells "Make America Great Again" apparel so you can't really accuse them of choosing "sides". However, if I'm making the decisions going forward it might not be a bad idea to sit out the rest of Trump's term in office as far as selling clothing goes...

What do you think: Is this going too far, or is it harmless?

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