Summer is here! I've compiled a list of my absolute favorite summer drinks. I only picked easy drinks, and by that, I mean stuff you can buy in a can and bring to the beach. There's only one that you actually have to mix and it's simple enough to include on this list.

  •  White Claw hard seltzer water

We kick off this list with my favorite! It's low carb, low sugar, and low calories - What's not to love? It's light in flavor and won't be overly filling, BUT don't think it won't get you drunk. It's 5% alcohol.

Smirnoff Ice Ladies With Game Tailgate
Rick Diamond
  •  Smirnoff Ice

My go-to at Honkers games. I think it's even better ice cold from the tap.

  •  Twisted Tea

Is there anything better than iced tea on a summer day? Yes, when it's spiked! Just saying.

  • Palm Breeze

A recent discovery of mine. You can get a huge case of Palm Breeze at Costco. Don't worry, you'll drink them all. They are fruity and refreshing. A bit high in the sugar content, but so delicious.

The Mike's Hard Lemonade Bowl
Craig Barritt Getty Images


  • Mike's Hard Lemonade

Another one of those sugary, but delicious concoctions. I never make it through a whole summer without having one of these! :)

  • Mojitos

I just adore Mojitos. All year in fact, but even more in the summer. They are by far the most refreshing cocktail in the world (my opinion). For those of you that don't want to make homemade Mojitos, you can actually buy a freakishly spot-on mixer at Target. In a can! You can thank me later.




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