When I first read the headline about a cow ending up in a swimming pool, I thought sure it had happened here in Minnesota. (Okay, or Wisconsin....)

Turns out, it actually happened down in North Carolina. According to this KARE-11 story, a couple who lives in Vale (which is a little northwest of Charlotte-- which itself is about 1,000 miles from Rochester) woke up Wednesday morning to find a female bovine standing in the swimming pool in their backyard.

The story noted that the homeowner, Burt Thornburg, thought he heard something fall into the pool, which had been closed down for the winter. He removed the pool cover and, sure enough, there was the cow, minding its own business, in the water.

We don't have a swimming pool, but I can imagine that's a bit of a shock to see. (It was probably a shock for the cow, too, I'm guessing.) The story said Burt then called 911, where a team of rescuers from the local animal control eventually pulled the cow out of the pool.

So how did the cow end up in the pool? The story said they think she wandered onto the pool cover, which was green, as she was grazing, thinking it was solid ground.

Which almost sounds like something I'd do! So, no, the cow-in-a-pool story didn't happen here. But it sure sounds like it could have, doesn't it?!?

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