How about that fall weather we had last weekend, huh? Besides searching for anything air conditioned, here's how I spent my time...

I kicked off the weekend by hanging out with Val at Byron Marketplace during the 60 Minute Ticket Blitz Friday, signing Quick Country listeners up to win those Packer  I mean, Viking, tickets. (We'll be out at another location this Friday!)

Saturday morning, I headed down to Silver Lake Park to take part in the New Leash On Life Run/Walk with Camp Companion and Zumbro Valley Health Center. It was pretty warm-- but I had a great time on the walk and met some great people (and dogs!)

Later Saturday, what do you usually do on the first weekend of fall? You go out and try to stay cool Lake Zumbro! We hitched a ride on our friends' new boat and had a great time.

Later Saturday night, we watched a really funny special on Netflix called Jerry Before Seinfeld. It featured Jerry returning to the comedy club where he started his career in the 70's, and pretty much doing those same classic routines. It was REALLY funny!

Thanks for checking out the pictures!


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