Now that we’re smack dab in the middle of the Summer of 2017, if you have older kids, they might already be hard at work at a summer job. Some summer jobs are fun, while others aren’t. So what’s the worst summer job you ever had?

Chicago Cubs Victory Celebration
Sure, wearing that bear suit looks fun, but it was REALLY hot back when I had to wear one! (Getty Images)

Being a life guard or camp counselor or mowing lawns for the parks department were all cool jobs when I was a teenager. For me, though, the worst summer job was the job I had the summer I started working at a radio station back in my hometown of Wausau, Wisconsin. I was so eager to be on the air, that I pretty much hung around the station until they gave me something — anything — to do.

That ‘something’ ended up being me working as the station mascot at various events that summer. The station was a Chicago Cubs affiliate, so I had to put on this huge bear costume and appear as ‘Bob The Bear’ around town. The costume was complete with a ton of bear fur, big head, and a Cubs baseball uniform with inflatable bat.

And, it was HOT. I mean, REALLY hot -- surface of the sun hot. Plus, that summer (which was the summer of 1988, if I recall), featured a record-setting heatwave and drought which made things even hotter.

Let me tell you, after three months of wearing that costume, there was quite the pungent aroma built up inside. Hoo boy. But, it did allow me to get in good at the station, and eventually I did get to be on the air – overnights on the weekend, but what the heck.

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