We all know there's a lot of wildlife here in Minnesota, right? And, sometimes, when wildlife gets mixed in with our fast-moving highways, spectacular things happen.

Dakota County Sheriff's Office
Dakota County Sheriff's Office

Like when this poor deer crashed into a car along Highway 52 Monday morning. The Dakota County Sheriff's Office posted the photos on its Facebook page, which show a deer hanging from the top of the car's shattered windshield. It's dangling into the car and its hind legs are still stuck on the vehicle's roof.


Fortunately, no one was riding in the passenger seat of the Subaru at the time, and the driver wasn't injured. (Unfortunately, it looks like we can't say the same thing for the deer.) The Sheriff's office says the incident is a good reminder to keep your eyes locked on the road -- and stay attentive.

Have you ever hit a deer? I've had several run-in's while driving, but the one that still stays with me is when I nearly hit one while I was on my motorcycle. The deer darted up over the guardrail on my right while I was riding on a two-lane rural highway, and I locked the rear wheel (which you're not supposed to do on a motorcycle) as I skidded to a stop.

How I ended up not hitting the deer, I'm not sure. It seemed so close, I could practically see the individual hair on its face.

Stay safe out there, my friends!

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