Like the post says, these guys must have eaten Wheaties for breakfast. After last week's storms, that brought heavy wind and hail to portions of Southern Minnesota, a Minnesota driver was stuck on I-35 after the trailer he was towing got flipped over from the wind. It didn't take long for the deputy and the driver to remedy the situation, which ends with a high five and both the deputy and driver going on their way.

This is what it means to be Minnesota nice! This Rice County Deputy took the time to help this driver get his trailer back on its wheels after being flipped over by high winds last week. The same winds toppled nine semis along I-35 between Faribault and Owatonna, resulting in the interstate lanes going Northbound being closed while tow trucks came out to put the semis back on their wheels.

During last weeks storms, Sgt Nathan Budin assisted with moving a trailer out of a traffic lane on I35. The trailer was blown over due to high winds. They must have eaten their Wheaties.

The truck with the flipped-over trailer appears to be in the Southbound lanes, based on the new snow fence in the video. What's also a little unnerving is that these two go out into the oncoming traffic, as you can see a vehicle drive by the two while they are flipping the trailer back over.

A big shoutout to Rice County Sheriff's Office Sargent Budin for helping this driver out!

All of the Internet is Shocked at Sign Hung in Wisconsin Home for Sale

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This home at W6547 Woodland Pass in Onalaska, Wisconsin was built in 1989 and sits on 1.53 acres that are pretty wooded. Lots of space indoors too with 3,600 square feet and 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. You can see the full listing by Realtor Spencer Hegenbarth at RE/MAX Results on here.

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