Call me crazy, but I haven't noticed a whole lot of PRIDE representation in Rochester this month. Have you?

I'm new, I know.... but here's one thing I have noticed in celebration of PRIDE - Rochester Pridefest. However, it's going to be held in July. Speaking of, Canvas & Chardonay is piggy-backing off of that event.

They explain, "LGBTQ community, allies, etc., are all welcome to join us on Thursday, July 20th, to kick off Rochester PrideFest with this fun painting we're calling "Rochester Pride". Also, receive $5 off with your PrideFest button, which can be purchased next door to us at Café Steam."

Also, there's some really cool artwork taking shape too!

Christian Clements
Christian Clements

I'm asking out of sincere curiosity: why does the focus on this come in July? Rochester certainly has a lot going on in June with Rochesterfst. Could that be why?

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more announcements on this coming soon, I'm sure.

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