It didn't get as much publicity as Groundhog Day Sunday, but if you're into numbers, yesterday's Palindrome Day was made for you.

Now, ordinarily, I'm not much into numbers-- math was a four-letter word for me when I was in high school and college-- but yesterday's date did something kind of cool, at least when you look at the numbers.

The date was, of course, 02/02/2020. Which makes it the perfect palindrome-- meaning, it's written exactly the same backward as it is when you write it normally. And, according to the National Weather Service, a true palindrome date like that is something that doesn't happen all that often here in Minnesota.

In fact, the NWS noted as much on one of their Twitter pages Sunday. Their post pointed out some quirky facts of it having been 02/02/2020. Stuff like the fact that the last time we had a perfect palindrome date, where all 8 digits were the same forward and backward, hadn't happened in 908 years! (Which was way back in the year 1,112, if you're scoring along at home.)

And, this year's palindrome date of 02/02/2020 occurred 33 days into 2020, with 333 days left in the year. (In case you're adding that up and get 366 days instead of the usual 365 days in each year, don't forget that this year is a Leap Year, where there are 29 days in February.)

If you didn't celebrate this oddity in our date on Sunday, never fear, there's another one headed our way. Don't hold your breath, though-- it won't be here for another 101 years! (Which will be the year 2121!)

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