I'm quickly finding out that there is a club for everything in Rochester, including drone flying. In the quest to make friends, I stumbled across this unique group that I had no idea existed. Drones have always fascinated me, but I was never good at driving remote control cars. The joysticks always confused me. Like I have to use one to turn and one to accelerate? That is way too much for me to handle at one time! I feel like being able to handle a remote control is a basic requirement, which knocks me out of the running to be good at that game!

So who are these talented people of Rochester that all have a love for drones? They call themselves the MedCity Drone Club. According to KTTC, the club was created two years ago by Ryan Kuisle. He loved flying his drone and thought it would be fun to compete against his friends. Next thing we know, there a group of people that meet on the first and third Saturday of each month to compete.

This group of people doesn't just meet to fly their drone. They meet to compete, win and have fun. From my understanding, there is an optical course set up. For every lap you complete, you get points that eventually qualify you for bigger competitions. Doesn't this sound like so much fun?

The only requirement to be a part of this club is you must get insurance to fly. Carrying your own insurance means that you take full responsibility for your drone.

I'm definitely going to have to go watch one weekend. This sounds like so so so much fun!

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