If you bought seafood for your family at two Rochester stores, it's possible the hard-earned money you spent might have made its way back to North Korea and ended up in Kim Jong Un's pockets. Here's how...


Okay, it's kind of convoluted, but it goes like this: According to a report out Thursday by the Associated Press, North Korean citizens were working at several Chinese seafood processing plants.

And, those processing plants supplied certain seafood items-- mainly salmon and snow crab-- to at least two U.S. grocery stores: Walmart and Aldi. And, of course both of those stores have locations right here in Rochester.

But how does your money make it back to North Korea's dictator? Well, according to the story, it's because the North Korean government takes most of those workers' money. "Workers in those plants are paid a fraction of their salaries, while as much as 70 percent is taken by the North Korean government," the story said.

Now, the story says both stores have already taken steps to investigate these claims or have already cut ties with those plants that may have employed North Korean workers.

But, yeah, it's possible your money could have gone to the North Korean leader President Trump is fond of calling "Little Rocket Man." (I guess I'll just have another burger, please.)

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