Dierks Bentley would be wise to stop making bets after the repercussions he faced over the weekend. The singer lost a bet with Pittsburgh country radio station Y108, so he had to wear a Penguins jersey following the Nashville Predators loss in the Stanley Cup Finals.

"Someone pass along to @beckhamthenewf #mattmurray! thanks for the jersey ha," Bentley writes, sharing video evidence on Instagram. "Bet lost, paid in full tonight! honestly one of my fav shows of the year. love the passion that #pittsburgh fans have. killer night..even though y'all were relentless with the @penguins chants! I loved it."

One of the radio station's deejays challenged the singer to the bet before the Predators' big loss, to which he responded "You're on!" He requested the No. 30 jersey, which belongs to Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Matt Murray.

The Predators to the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 6 on June 11. As a man of his word, Bentley wore the opponents' jersey on Saturday night (June 24). Before he walked onstage that night, Bentley and his band huddled, chanting "Murray."

As it turns out, Murray had autographed the jersey for the singer to wear, also writing: “To Dierks: It’s all your fault!”

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