Who knew that Rochester once had its own special elephant!?

Okay, it didn't quite have a real elephant, but some of you might remember the huge one at Red Owl.

Susan Bruns-Daniels via Facebook
Susan Bruns-Daniels via Facebook

Just in case you forgot, Red Owl was a grocery chain that was based in Hopkins, Minnesota. It opened its first store in Rochester! In the sixties, this grocery chain expanded into North Dakota and the Chicago area.

Wikipedia explained, "In December 1988, the rights to the Red Owl name were obtained by grocery wholesaler Supervalu Inc., along with its warehouse and distribution operations. Supervalu phased out the Red Owl name."

Susan Bruns-Daniels (a former Rochester resident) posted the cute photo you're looking at on the "You know you're from Rochester if..." Facebook page. She believes the photo was taken in 1965 or 1966.

Do you remember Red Owl, and this awesome elephant??


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