When it comes to doing yard work here in southeast Minnesota, I’ve noticed there are two kinds of people: Those who ‘mow the lawn’ and those who ‘cut the grass.’ So which one is correct?

I find myself saying, ‘mow the lawn’ most often. I think I probably got it from my dad, when he first showed me how to use the lawnmower some 30-plus years ago. But, seeing as I'm from Wisconsin (where we say weird things like 'bubbler' instead of 'water fountain,' or play Duck, Duck...GOOSE, not Grey Duck), I'm wondering just which phrase is more popular here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

I'm so used to hearing 'Mow the lawn' that when I was a kid, I thought people were saying they were going to use the ‘lawn more’ to mow their lawn. (Go ahead and say it to yourself right now. ‘Lawnmower’ sure sounds like ‘lawn more’ if you say it fast enough, doesn’t it?)

Having thought about it waaay more than I should have, though, it seems that ‘mowing the lawn’ is probably more accurate than ‘cutting the grass’. I mean, you use a lawnmower, don’t you? So, it only follows, then, that you would be ‘mowing the lawn.’ You don’t power up the ‘grass cutter,’ do you?

Although, neither of those phrases is the most accurate, at least when it comes to the yard work at our house. ‘Chop down the weeds’ probably comes closest. ;) What about you-- which phrase do YOU say? Do you 'mow the lawn,' or 'cut the grass'?

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