We've made it past the holidays and those credit card bills are rolling in reminding you of your holiday purchases. So in between Valentines Day, next Thursday guys, and your tax refund you might need to buckle down on spending. That doesn't mean you can't indulge in a beer or two during that time. I've done some research and found the state that sells the cheapest beer, regretfully it wasn't Minnesota. 

It turns out the cost of buying beer by the case can vary significantly depending on what state you live in, as much as over $7 according to Food and Wine. So which state was the cheapest? At just $14.62 per case, Michigan has the cheapest case of beer, Pennsylvania was the most expensive, with the average mass market case coming in at $21.98, according to data recently published by CNBC.

Minnesota came in at 12th with the average case of beer being $17.21. Your top-10 cheap beer states are:

  1. Michigan $14.62
  2. California $14.87
  3. Illinois $15.00
  4. North Carolina $15.23
  5. Connecticut $15.96
  6. South Carolina $15.96
  7. Indiana $15.98
  8. Virginia $15.98
  9. Arizona $16.35
  10. Nebraska $16.62

*Please drink alcohol responsibly

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