It's a question that can tear families apart this time of year when it comes to Easter candy. Black jelly beans: yes or no?

Ronald Reagan Honored With Jellybeans
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It seems like when it comes to black jelly beans, you either really likes them -- or you really don't. There isn't a lot of gray area in between.

I'd be in the "really don't like them" category. Not that I eat jelly beans all that often these days, but when I was a kid, I couldn't STAND black jelly beans.

I'd eat all the other flavors first, and then let those black ones just sit there -- until my parents eventually put my Easter basket away. THAT'S how much I didn't like them.

The same goes for black licorice too -- I don't like that either. And seeing as it's pretty much the same flavor in both, I guess that makes sense.

Some people, though, really LIKE black jelly beans. Both Brachs and other candy companies make bags you can buy that contain ONLY black jelly beans.

Yech. That's not for me, though. But what about you -- do YOU like black jelly beans?


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