A Minnesota couple can't get their mail delivered to their house-- unless they get rid of their dogs. Wait, what?!?

Attack Dog Training
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While I'm an animal lover, nobody likes a poorly trained dog, and overly-aggressive dogs are certainly a big problem for mail carriers and other delivery drivers. But this story seems a bit unfair, if you ask me.

According to this KARE-11 story, a Twin Cities couple's rescue dogs (and who are, the story says, "over protective") got out of their fenced-in backyard when the family was having some work done on the house. Which happened to be the exact time their mail carrier stopped by with their mail.

Hearing the dogs barking and growling, the owners ran outside to see what was going on. In the ensuing chaos, the dogs nipped... their owner.

That's right, the dogs bit their owner, not the mail carrier. But the Post Office is still refusing to deliver their mail unless the couple proves the dogs are gone, the story says. Really? The dogs didn't even bite the carrier!

Seems a bit over the top, if you ask me. Check out the story below...


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