National Weather Service is saying more snow is on the way. Depending on where you look for snow estimates it could be
3-5" Monday night another 3-5" Tuesday day and 1-2" Tuesday night. That's on the high end a foot of snow by Wednesday!

Don't get me wrong I like having snow as it allows me to get out and snowmobile on the weekends, but it'd be nice if mother nature could space these out a little bit better. Coaches, athletes, and parents have to be getting a little worried with all of the delays and closings we have had how will it affect the prep post-season and if they decide to keep a game on the schedule with bad weather, parents are worried about their child's safety.

According to the Pioneer Press last week Gov. Walz's office stated to educators that "Minnesota schools will not be punished if they fall short of the state’s instruction time laws because of this week’s dangerous weather."

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