2019 seems to be the year of new flavors! Kit Kat and Pepsi both came out with new flavors this year and Dr. Pepper can now be added to that list. They just released their first new flavor in 5 years.

It seems like they wanted this new flavor to be a surprise for everyone that buys it. It's just in a silver can and it doesn't tell you the flavor, it says "peel to reveal the mystery flavor."

Lee Breslouer from Thrillist tried the flavor out and made his opinion about the new flavor very clear! He tried the mystery flavor before peeling the label to see what it was. Turns out the new Dr. Pepper flavor is Dark Berry.

Here's what Lee had to say about it:

Dark Berry?! NO! Dr. Pepper, you had a chance to make a splash in the crowded soda pool, and you went with the safe choice. You waded in with a pool noodle and a wetsuit in the hopes that no one would notice you couldn’t swim. That’s the best I could do for a summery metaphor.

I kind of wish Dr. Pepper would have done something more creative but here we are with Dark Berry Dr. Pepper anyway. Ya know what could be good, a mint Dr. Pepper!


Source: Thrillist


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