Thrill seekers will be all over this.

Minnesota is getting its first Indoor Skydiving Center where thrill seekers can simulate what 150 mph winds are like, free falling down, just like they jumped out of an airplane. Without actually doing the later.

iFly is set to open in Minnetonka at the Ridgedale Center on December 22nd, and the whole process of indoor skydiving is pretty simple. Flyers will have to sign and waiver and go through a short instructional session. Then, you put on the suit, helmet, goggles and then you take off!

The price is a little steep, but for this experience I can see why. Depending on how many people are flying, it can cost between $70 and $300 and the entire process can take around 2 hours to complete, according to Bring Me The News. 

It sounds like an awesome experience, that is for sure, and might be worth a Christmas gift for the thrill seeker in your life.

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