There is so much natural beauty in Northern Minnesota, and this vacation rental available on Airbnb shows it all off!

From wonderful wildlife to stunning lakeside sunsets, this modern cabin includes a traditional Finnish sauna that just might be the next place you want to take your family on a short vacation.

It goes for an average of $297 per night according to Airbnb, and can host up to 6 people! Check out everything that this cabin has to offer below.

Enjoy This Unique Minnesota Cabin That Sits Just Inches Off The Lake

This incredible Minnesota Cabin is available on Airbnb, and is truly unique! Sitting just inches off of the lake, you'll get incredible views of northern Minnesota's natural beauty!

'Getaway Shores' is a modern Scandinavian cabin on the shore of Lake Mitawan in Superior National Forest near Isabella, Minnesota. Check out some of the beautiful views, traditional Finnish sauna, and modern cabin below!

Jeff Bezos' Aunt Selling Her Minnesota Mansion

Jeff Bezo's Aunt is selling her nearly $7 million Minnesota mansion and it is INCREDIBLE! Check out the Lake Minnetonka home below!

Jeff Bezos' Aunt is Selling Her Nearly $7 Million Minnesota Mansion

This incredible home on Lake Minnetonka has four bedrooms, seven bathrooms and is nearly 10,000 square feet. Priscilla Gise, who is Jeff Bezos' aunt, has listed the home for sale for $6.95 million! Check out why it got that price tag below!