As temps hit the mid to upper 30's, some of the snow began to melt. Then I noticed we got some free landscaping from our plow guy. We live on a corner lot and as I rounded the corner each day, i could see a little bit of dirt and grass. It didn't look too bad and really didn't look like it came from our corner. Like maybe it had been dragged from another house.

Then I see it exactly where it came from.The blade was a little too far onto the grass and took a couple of HUGE chunks out of our lawn.

I'll get you for this, plow man! I'll GET YOU! (Not really. I know my plow guy. He's a good dude and I'm sure he didn't do it on purpose)

If you're reading this, plow guy, you can make up for it by NOT pushing snow into my driveway after I snow blow.

I'm actually friends with the guy that plows our street. He's a good dude. Obviously they don't do this on purpose and I'm certainly not knocking the job they do to clear the streets of Rochester. We were thinking about tearing up that piece anyway. (not really)


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