My mom always hosts Thanksgiving. Growin,g up, I remember she would go to a few different stores before finding the perfect bird, then she would take it home and start the thawing process. The one time I tried to cook a turkey by myself I remember her telling me not to forget to wash the turkey.  KARE 11 says that experts are saying that washing your turkey is bad.

In this article, they say that washing your turkey could spread germs. Turkeys most often have traces of bacteria on them. The most common are Salmonella and Campylobacter. The thought is when you cook the bird at such high temperatures, it kills those bacteria. Thanksgiving is one of the largest days that these birds are cooked. Washing your bird could lead to food poisoning. The USDA put out this Tweet to remind us.

But didn't great-grandma, grandma and mom all wash their turkeys? The article says that thought process is the reason more people haven't got on the don't wash your turkey bandwagon.

It really isn't fun to get food poisoning, especially from a holiday dinner. To ensure no one gets sick, it is best that you check the temperature of your turkey before serving it. The article says that the bird should be at least 165 degrees. Other tips, wash your hands after handling the bird so the bacterias don't spread. Also, make sure you disinfect all surfaces the bird touched.

We hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy a safe and yummmyyyyy turkey!

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