Well, it looks like Halloween was pretty eventful in the Twin Cities, especially based on a story I came across while browsing social media on Halloween night. Halloween is never boring but this is over the top.

Let me preface things by saying that there have been many interesting crime stories lately and some are stranger than others. For example, in late October, someone dumped an entire mobile home in Douglas County, likely so they wouldn't have to pay what it costs to ditch such a thing.

There have also been many headlines about scams as of late, as scammers keep coming up with new and creative ways to con people out of their money and personal information. Even the Duluth Police Department warned us of one, with scammers pretending to be officers with the DPD lately.

Then, there are the somewhat harmless stories that just make you scratch your head. One of my favorites happened in late September, when a man dressed as Harry Potter went door to door to businesses in the Twin Cities just saying hello.

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This story is somewhat like that, although it would be a little more terrifying at the time. I came across the story because I follow a social media page that focuses on Minnesota crime so I can know what is happening in the state.

Around eight p.m. on Halloween, police were dispatched to Saint Paul. A male was dressed as Jeffrey Dahmer and was banging on the windows of someone's car at every stoplight in the area, which was close to Selby Avenue and Hamline Avenue, for those familiar with the area.

Apparently, the male dressed as the serial killer was upset because the person had thrown eggs at his car. That is why he was banging on the windows of the car, however, dressed as Jeffrey Dahmer, that makes things a bit scarier!

The whole entire story, from the 911 caller egging the man's car to then calling 911 because someone dressed as Jeffrey Dahmer was banging on their car is wild, from start to finish. There's a lot of humorous and strange facets to this one.

People were, of course, going crazy in the comments section with jokes. One person made a joke about how eggs are expensive due to inflation and that was the crazy part of the story. Others were making jokes based on what they know about Dahmer, courtesy of the show of the same name that has become a massive Netflix hit since it premiered in September.

There is no doubt that the hit brought the serial killer back into the conversation as of late so it's not shocking that there were people dressed up as him for Halloween. However, some see this as controversial. No matter how you feel about it, the fact that this person dressed up as Jeffrey Dahmer when he was banging on the windows of a car makes things a bit more odd and a bit more spooky.

It might be even spookier when you consider that Dahmer called Wisconsin home and the real-life locations of his murders are still standing today.

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