In college, I would totally have ice cream for dinner because I didn't want to cook and I have a sweet tooth. After talking to a few listeners, I found out that quite a few of us have sweet tooths. Here are a few of the desserts we talked about on the Quick Country 96.5 Facebook page.

1. Cheesecake

This is probably one of my favorite desserts out there. The nice thing about cheesecake is you can get it in so many different flavors and different toppings. It never gets old! What is your favorite cheesecake? I love peanut butter or regular cheesecake with toppings on it!

2. Brownies 

Can you say chocolate? Anything with chocolate does really well. Amanda likes the edge pieces because they are more done. I never really thought about a brownie-like that. That is something to think about the next time you make brownies!

3. Banana Cream Pie 

Cream pies are amazing! The funny thing is when I saw this comment, I thought about my dad. He absolutely loves banana cream pie. Every holiday we have to get him his own pie. It definitely makes it in the top pies.

4. Lemon Custard Pie 

This one everyone was talking about! I have never had lemon custard pie. Is this a land of 10,000 lakes thing? Julie even called me and talked about how she home makes her pies! That takes some talent!

5. Anything 

Okay... this was my favorite comment! I agree with you! If it is bad for you, I am going to eat it anyways and not ask questions! Dessert is the best part of the meal hands down!


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