The other night I was at dinner with a friend. This guy came up to our table and started talking to my friend. I assumed they knew each other until the end of the conversation. He looked at her and said, "There is something wrong with my phone... it doesn't have your phone number in it." I kind of giggled. The next day I asked our listener what are the best pick-up lines that have worked for you? Here are the five responses that have worked for Minnesotans.

1. "Are you Google... because you are what I've been searching for."

Mike called me up and said he used this one on his current girlfriend. Those are the first words that he spoke to her and now they have been together for two years.

2. "If we continue to get along this well, would you consider marrying me?"

Linda shared this pick-up line on our Facebook page. What a way to start things off. That's really gutsy to put yourself out there like that. Being together for 30 years means something! Maybe some of us should change our approach.

3.  "I've been out roaming the desert and I'm so thirsty and you look like a tall drink of water."

This is a very clever, classic pick-up line. I'm not sure how "G rated" it is, but I'll definitely give style points for that one.

4. "I better get your number in case if I get a flat tire on the way back to town."

Very interesting way to get someone's number. It's always nice to have someone in your contact list that you can call if you have a flat tire, but once again that was gutsy to use as a pick-up line.

5. "Hey Miss, I'm going to need your insurance and license because you just stolen my heart."

Very very clever! If there were a memorable way to ask for a person number, that is definitely the way to do it. It also gives you almost all the information you need to run a background check on someone. Just saying! ;)

Those are the five best pick-up lines Minnesotans have used. Let us know your best pick-up line in our station app.

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