If you're planning on flying out of the Minneapolis airport in the next couple of weeks, plan on standing in line...even longer.


Yes, the TSA lines at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International are set to get even LONGER over the next few weeks. Why is this, you ask? Because airport officials have shut down one TSA checkpoint earlier this week to install 'upgrades.' Which leaves only ONE checkpoint open for the next few weeks.

According to this Pioneer Press story, it's all part of a plan to install new, automated lanes that are *supposed* to speed things up... eventually. To do that, they have to completely shut down the south checkpoint for the next three weeks.

Which means we'll all be herded into the larger, north checkpoint. An airport spokesperson says they've redirected "some staff" to the north lanes and are keeping the TSA Pre-Check lanes open at the south checkpoint to help "alleviate any significant impact on wait times for travelers," the story said.

I'm not buying it, though. Mainly because airport officials in the story say they "do not expect a significant impact on wait times." Which means, get ready to stand in line for a LONG time, right? Heck, last October, when we flew down to Nashville, we left mid-morning on a Friday and getting through the security line took FOREVER. And that was when both checkpoints were open.

Good thing I'm not flying anytime in the next couple of weeks. If you are, and you're flying out of MPS, the story says you should get there two hours before any domestic flight and three hours before flying internationally.

Or better yet, just fly out of RST!



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