There are two types of folks... the folks that retire and don't stay active and the ones that never slow down. Former Vikings Head Coach Bud Grant is 92 and hasn't slowed down.

According to the StarTribune, Grant harvested an 8-point buck from 120 yards the other day. He was hunting with his partner Pat Smith who also got an 8-point buck from 200 yards. It was a successful day in the field for those two.

Brainerd Dispatch caught up with Grant back in September and he talked about how he believes that you retire to things. His retirement hobby is hunting. In this article, it says that hunting is always on his mind. He'll be driving around and see an animal and his mind goes straight to hunting. He said at his age, the best way to not slow down is to keep the mind and body active and that is what hunting does for him.

Even though Grant is retired from the Viking, the article says that he spends about four hours a week at the practice facility in his office. It is not about working, it is about seeing and interacting with folks that are still actively involved in the Vikings operations.

Grant was with the Vikings for 18 seasons. According to the ProFootball Hall of Fame, over his career, he had a 168-108-5 record. He also helped the Vikings win the NFL/NFC division 10 times in 11 seasons. If that doesn't say success, I'm not sure what does.

He is an important part of the Vikings story and it is really awesome to see that he is doing really well. In the article, Grant said that he can't jump as high as he once could, but he is doing well for his age. Because his body doesn't work like it use to, he doesn't track down the animals he is hunting, he lets them come to him. It so great to see that a sport like hunting is what keeps his mind young!

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