The U.S. FDA has announced a recall on certain pre-cut fresh fruit that is affecting stores across 16 states, including Minnesota.

There's nothing like a little fresh fruit, right? And when it's already pre-cut, it's even easier to eat. Except for when that fruit might be connected to a strain of salmonella. But that's what happening right now, and it's affecting stores in 16 states-- including here in Minnesota.

The recall was first announced on April 12th by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration because 93 people in 9 different states had become sick with salmonella. The illness was traced to pre-cut fruit produced by the Indiana-based company Caito Foods, LLC.

According to a release from the FDA, the company was "recalling fresh cut watermelon, fresh cut honeydew melon, fresh cut cantaloupe and fresh cut mixed fruit containing one of these melons, produced at the Caito Foods facility in Indianapolis," the release noted.

The company advised the public to "throw away any of its products that contain watermelon, honeydew melon and cantaloupe. The company’s recall notice follows health officials connecting the fruits to a strain of salmonella." The outbreak remains under investigation, this related story said.

The affected pre-cut fruit was sold at various stores here in Minnesota and Wisconsin, as well as 15 other states, including Trader Joes,Target, Walmart and Amazon/Whole Foods, the FDA said.

You can get more information about which products are included in the recall, and the stores in which they were sold, HERE.

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