The Twitter-sphere was abuzz late Tuesday night after popular Twins TV broadcaster Bert Blyleven announced Fox Sports North was getting rid of his 'Circle Me Bert' feature. Here's what's replacing it.

In case you missed it Tuesday, Blyleven, the baseball Hall of Fame pitcher and beloved member of the Twins TV team, tweeted the following:

"Just informed by FSN that there will be no more “Circle Me Bert” and Minnesota Lottery winners for this coming season. I want to thank all the fans that made signs over the past 15+ seasons. Doesn’t mean you can’t still bring signs! Go Twins!"

Well, as you might imagine, that caused a ruckus that could be heard far and wide all across Twin Territory! No 'Circle Me Bert'?!? This is an outrage, right?!?

After just about every media outlet in the Twin Cities 'reached out' (as everybody says these days) to FSN for a comment about why they would ditch such a beloved feature of each Twins broadcast, they finally announced what's replacing it: Something called the "Winners Circle."

They described it like this in a Tweet: "We’re launching a new “Winners Circle” concept so fans at the ballpark AND watching at home can get involved! Signs are still encouraged." 

It went on to say that fans can bring signs to the ballpark-- or pictures of your signs if you're at home-- and submit them for a chance to be on the broadcast and win $100 in scratch-off tickets from the Minnesota Lottery.

So it sounds pretty much like 'Circle Me Bert,' but with a new name and slightly different angle. Will it work? Or will this be FSN's equivalent of New Coke-- where they're forced to bring back the popular 'Circle Me Bert' feature after this one falls flat?

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