Garth Brooks will perform at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Ind. — the first time a full, stand-alone concert has ever been scheduled at the storied college football mecca.

Brooks announced the concert at a press conference at WME in Nashville Monday (July 9), which opened with a speech from sports treasure Lou Holtz, who made his mark coaching at the University of Notre Dame, among other franchises throughout his tenure.

"I can't think of anybody who represents the values of Notre Dame more than Garth Brooks and what he's done," Holtz gushes. "It's going to be exciting."

Though details about the event are scarce — no ticket price or date have been shared — Brooks notes he's going to bring a "new kind of crazy" to the stadium, one that rivals that of college football Saturdays.

"As frantic as you've seen that stadium at football games, that can't hold a candle to country music," Brooks says, laughing. "To tell you the truth, I think that's why they chose us, was not because of Garth Brooks but because the country music audience. They know that country music audience. ... They know that audience is gonna get as loud as they've ever seen in there, but at the same time, that country music audience is going to respect those hallow grounds. They'll treat them with the respect Notre Dame has not only deserved but has earned."

Brooks also mentions that the Notre Dame performance is merely the foundation of what's to come in his next chapter of touring.

"Everything is open, wide open and what you try and do is make these events to the college itself, so there’s gonna be a lot of things that bring out new stuff," Brooks tells Taste of Country. "There's gonna be a lot of things that call for the old stuff to come back out but the bottom line still is communication with the people that come to see you, that allow you to be an artist. When they bring the stuff they wanna hear, stop the show, do it, because they’re there for you, but you’re there for them and that’s what makes the great marriage."

Notice Brooks says "events to the college itself;" could this be the beginning of a full blown college stadium tour?

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