The Gophers are having quite the season this year. A few months ago, you probably heard about their placeholder Casey O'Brien. He has beat cancer four times and made his debut as a Gopher around a month ago. According to KARE 11, O'Brien's debut game was a highlight for him. There is nothing like dreaming of becoming an athlete, then stepping on the court, field, track or ring for the first time and realizing your dream came true. He was so honored to receive Big 10 honors as well as play in his first game.

If you fallow the redshirt sophomore on social media, you may have seen this Tweet.

The article says that when he went in for his three-month scan, doctors spotted a spot on his lung. They are not sure what it is but will be removing it this week for testing. It is truly amazing to see the amount of support that O'Brien receiving. The article says that a lot of folks look up to him as a hero.

I love how he phrased it: " Ready to go 1-0 in this surgery season."  Having a positive outlook on life helps him overcome the many challenges he has faced and just shows how strong of a person he is. He is definitely a hero in my book! We are sending positive thoughts your way friend and wish a speedy recovery.

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