This house takes you for kind of a wild ride. Their commitment to the goth theme does not go unnoticed! I mean, they named the place 'Goth Castle'. It's a home for sale about 90 minutes from Rochester, Minnesota, over in Hudson, Wisconsin.

If goth is your kind of style then you'll love this home. If it's not your style but you have the ability to look past all of the goth details, this home is seriously awesome. Keep scrolling for the pictures and you'll see what I mean.

'Goth Castle' for Sale 90 Minutes from Rochester

Buckle up, this home that has been named the 'Goth Castle' is quite the house and it's currently for sale in Hudson, WI for $1.1 million.

Feel Like Royalty When Your Stay in this Historic Castle Just 75 Minutes from Rochester

You're bound to feel like royalty when you stay at this bed and breakfast in La Crosse, Wisconsin called Castle La Crosse. It's about 75 minutes from Rochester, Minnesota and it's a historic castle that was built in 1892. It's been owned by a few families and a church but in 2017 it was transformed into a beautiful bed and breakfast.

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