I like to think I'm pretty well-versed in the animals and plants that you can find around Minnesota. I went to a high school my junior and senior year that focused a lot on that kind of stuff. And yet I was still shocked when my husband sent me the picture above the other day from outside our Rochester apartment.

It happened on Wednesday right after we had gotten all of that rain. My husband was driving back up to our apartment when he saw something strange on the road. After he parked he went back to check it out and realized that it was a spotted salamander. And a big one too! He said the tail alone was about 7 inches long.

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Are spotted salamanders rare in Minnesota?

Because I've never seen one out and about here, I had to know, are spotted salamanders rare in Minnesota? The Minnesota DNR says they typically live in the eastern part of the US. They do also live in Minnesota but it is rare to see one out and about. The DNR says that the "lives of these secretive amphibians rarely cross paths with our own."

Carly Ross, Townsquare Media Rochester, Preston
Carly Ross, Townsquare Media Rochester, Preston

How many species of salamanders live in Minnesota?

Apparently, spotted salamanders aren't the only salamanders living in Minnesota, there are a total of 7 species that live here. The other 6 include the mudpuppy, blue-spotted salamander, tiger salamander, four-toed salamander, red-backed salamander, and eastern newt.

My husband did not leave the salamander high and dry in the street, by the way. He grabbed a glove, picked up the salamander, and brought him across the street. However, I did see from a company called BOG Pest Control that the skin of salamanders is poisonous so if you do come into contact with one, don't touch your eyes or mouth, and wash your hands thoroughly.

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Animals You Aren't Allowed to Have as a Pet in Rochester, Minnesota

Below are the animals that we are not allowed to own as pets here in Rochester, Minnesota according to the City of Rochester Code of Ordinances under Sec. 3-1-4. - Prohibited wild animal.

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