A lot of us have our homes decorated for the holidays with all sorts of cool displays, from inflatable reindeer and snowmen to Santa Claus and more. But here's the most unique holiday decoration I've seen yet.

I first spotted it near our house in northwest Rochester last year. And, sure enough, it's once again gracing this home's front lawn. I snapped a picture of it earlier this year (before we got all our snow). So, what is it? Well, it's an inflatable... Christmas Dragon, isn't it?!? Yeah, that's what it is. And, I've gotta say, while I first spotted this one last year, I can say I've seen another one anywhere in southeast Minnesota.

I did some checking online, and found a movie from 2014 that was also called 'The Christmas Dragon.' (You can watch the trailer for it HERE), but it doesn't look like this guy is from the movie.

But I DID find where you can order your OWN Christmas Dragon... It's available HERE...

But, it'll run you about $168 (though you can get a used one for about $69). And, depending upon which one you order, it might even get shipped here to southeast Minnesota in time for Christmas too! Woot!

So, if you want to spread holiday cheer with a Yuletime dragon, here's your chance. Of course, I've also seen several Christmas T-Rex dinosaurs for the first this year, too, so it looks like pretty much ANY animal can help you celebrate the holiday season. Ho-ho-ho!

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