My wife and I adopted a new 5-month old kitten a few days ago, but we need some help coming up with her name!

Which name fits her best? (CSJ/TSM-Rochester)
Which name fits her best?

Both my wife and I love animals, and volunteer at Paws And Claws Humane Society. When two of our senior cats passed away recently, we knew we wanted to add to our furry family.

Well, my wife noticed this sweet female kitten when she was volunteering there a few weeks ago, but the kitten had already been reserved by someone else. However, when my wife returned last week, the kitten (who PCHS had named 'Kate') was still there.

We took that as a sign, so we filled out the paperwork and brought her home last Thursday. But we're having trouble coming up with a name that fits her personality! We've narrowed it down to three choices: Izzy (which is short for Isobell); MacKenzie; or Hazel.

I kind of favored Izzy, but now MacKenzie (or 'Mac' for short) is making a comeback. Which name do you like best?

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