When I was younger, it was all about mapping out which houses to hit for the best of the best candy. I mean that's what Halloween is ALL about., right?  Who had the full-size candy bars, and who let you take more than one handful of candy was key in creating the perfect route around the neighborhood. Heck, one house in my home-town even handed out cold cans of Mt. Dew every year, so you knew my friends and I weren't missing that place as we made our laps!

Well Delish found the best town in each state for trick or treating, and it gives us quite the criteria for it. The site created an index with four measures — poverty rates, housing occupancy rates, violent crime rates, and the percentage of the population that's less than 14-years-old — to land on the best trick or treating spots across the country.

So which towns made the list for Minnesota and Iowa?

In Minnesota it was Elko New Market, which is about 70 miles northwest of Rochester. Their population of 14-years-olds and younger was at 31.3%, so there's plenty of ghouls and goblins running around with their hands out.

Not only does this city has a sick Halloween party every year (this year it's on October 27), it's pretty much perfect according to the article: There were no reported crimes per 100,000 people as most recently reported, and 97.5% of the housing units are occupied so there's plenty of candy to go around.

In Iowa, you'll have to drive to Bondurant. Their population of 14-years-olds and younger was slightly higher than Minnesota's choice at 34.6%. At the city's Geisler Farms, there are pumpkin patches, wagon rides, and corn mazes to stop by before trick or treating, which sounds like a blast!

While I haven't taken my own daughter anywhere outside of her grandparents, and around the block in our own neighborhood in Rochester, I've heard our city is still pretty awesome for trick or treating!

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