Another heads up for you, as the Rochester area was struck with yet another phone scam over the weekend.

People Energy Cooperative said one of their members was the target of a phone scam where the scammer threatened to disconnect their service if the member didn't pay their bill in 45 minutes.

Yeah, that is not a thing. You can only pay over the phone if you (the member) initiates the call through the automated system.

If you ever receive a call from anyone claiming to represent a utility company, or if the caller is pressuring you for immediate payment or other personal information, hang up the phone. PEC would like you to call customer service as well and report what happened so they can notify other members of the possibility of the call.

If you ever get a phone call, hang up, and call your company. If it is PEC, their number is 800-214-2694.

Reporting the attempted scam is crucial as well, so the proper steps can be taken to make sure that it doesn't help to anyone else, or maybe even a better chance to catch the scammers.

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