We've all been hearing a lot lately about just how monster a storm Hurricane Irma is, and how it's been affecting millions down in Florida. Here's how big Irma really is-- and what it would look like if Minnesota was in its path.


In case you're not as familiar with your Florida geography, here's what Irma would look like if it were bearing down on the Land of 10,000 Lakes. The gang at KSTP-TV put an image of the powerful hurricane over a map of Minnesota, with the eye of the storm directly over the Twin Cities, to show how big it is and how much land it covers.

In a post on their Facebook page, the station noted that Irma-- whose eye is nearly 80 miles wide-- would take up much of the metro area. In fact, from northwest to southeast, the huge storm would run from Elk River all the way down to near Hastings!

Their post continued to detail which parts of Minnesota would be hardest hit by the storm, saying, "The most dangerous part of the hurricane with highest winds and tornadoes would be in the north and east areas just outside of the eye. Which means the +100 mph winds would be just north of Minneapolis thru Maplewood and in the St.Paul and Woodbury areas. Winds would be from southeast in Woodbury and east-northeast in Maplewood and from the northwest in Maple Grove and southwest in Edina," the post said.

We have to deal with many weather events here in Minnesota, from tornadoes in the summer to massive snow storms and extreme cold in the winter. But I'm glad we don't have to deal with anything like this!

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