Now that we're about to get hit with our second storm of the winter season, ever wonder how quickly all that snow and ice gets removed from our streets here in Rochester?

Well, according to a release from the Rochester Public Works Department, the city of Rochester operates a fleet of plows that works to clear over 500 miles of roads, 9 miles of alleys, 544 cul-de-sacs, and 40 miles of bike paths and sidewalks-- every time it snows!

So in which order do the streets in Rochester get plowed? Well, the release says that the priority is main roads, then the central business district, hills, bridges, bus routes and around schools.

And, you might also be wondering just how long it takes after a snowfall for your street to be cleared? Well, if it's snowed less than 2 inches, streets and roads in Rochester are typically treated in less than 8 hours.

If it's snowed between 2 and 4 inches, a larger fleet of plows and trucks will have things cleared in about 8-hours as well.

For really big snows, the release says that it will most likely take about 3 days to have everything completely cleared up-- though roads will be cleared within 12 hours after it stops snowing. The second and third days consist of hauling snow out of the downtown areas, as well as widening previously plowed streets and roads.

A big shout-out to all the dedicated employees who are on call to come in get behind the wheel of those plows to help keep our roads clear and snow-free this winter!

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